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Improved Hearing with Ear Wax Removal

Specialist Ear Wax Removal Clinic in Horley

Welcome to Ear Wax Solution, your trusted partner in maintaining optimal hearing health. Located conveniently in Horley, Surrey, our clinic specialises in earwax microsuction treatments, providing efficient services to residents of Horley and the surrounding areas. Our commitment to accessible and hassle-free care has made us a reliable choice for those seeking professional earwax removal services.


Are you tired of uncomfortable earwax build-up? Say goodbye to the irritating sensations and restore crystal-clear hearing with the Horley Clinic Ear Wax Removal. Our esteemed clinic specialises in providing top-notch professional ear care, ensuring a quick, painless, and thorough cleaning experience.


Don't settle for unreliable methods when it comes to your ear health. Trust the experts at our renowned earwax cleaning clinic to deliver optimal results every time. Offering comprehensive solutions tailored specifically to your needs, we guarantee a satisfying and safe experience that will have you amazed by the results

Ear Anatomy - Blocked Ear with wax

Easily Accessible Location

Our clinic is strategically located close to Tesco, offering plenty of free parking for our clients. We understand that accessibility is crucial when seeking healthcare services, and our location ensures that you can reach us without any hassle. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor, our clinic's convenient proximity to the direct London to Brighton main line makes it an ideal choice for residents in Surrey.

Comprehensive Ear Care Services

At Ear Wax Solution, we pride ourselves on offering an advanced range of ear care services, designed to meet our clients needs. Our team of hearing specialists is dedicated to providing safe and effective treatments, ensuring your hearing health is in capable hands.


Earwax Microsuction:  Our expertise in microsuction allows us to gently and efficiently remove excess earwax, relieving discomfort and improving your hearing. Our ear wax microsuction in Horley is a safe and highly effective method for removing excess earwax and restoring optimal hearing health. Using a specialised microscope and a gentle suction device, our trained professionals can precisely and comfortably remove the buildup without the need for invasive procedures or water irrigation. This technique ensures minimal discomfort, reduces the risk of injury to the delicate ear canal, and provides immediate relief from symptoms like hearing loss, tinnitus, or earache. 


Foreign Body Removal: We can safely remove foreign objects from the ear, ensuring minor discomfort and reducing the risk of complications.


Child-Friendly Approach: We understand the unique needs of children when it comes to ear care. Our gentle and comforting approach ensures that young visitors have a stress-free experience during their ear checks and treatments.

The Importance of Professional Ear Checks

Maintaining your hearing health is crucial, and regular ear checks play a vital role in this process. While some individuals attempt at-home solutions, professional earwax removal services, like the ones we offer at Ear Wax Solution, are essential for several reasons:


Safe & Effective: Our specialists are trained to perform earwax removal safely, reducing the risk of injury or infection that can occur with DIY methods.

Preservation of Hearing: Earwax buildup can lead to hearing loss if left untreated. Professional removal ensures that your hearing is preserved and improved.

Prevention of Complications: Attempting to remove earwax at home can push it deeper into the ear canal, potentially causing more significant issues. Professional removal minimise these risks.

Child-Friendly Care: We understand that children may be apprehensive about ear checks and treatments. Our child-friendly approach ensures a positive experience for our young patients.


We understand that everyone's needs vary, which is why we offer personalised solutions at our ear wax clinic near you. Our expert team takes the time to assess your specific situation, providing a tailor-made approach that guarantees the best possible outcome. Experience the difference of a reliable and professional ear cleaning clinic near me. Our comprehensive services cater to your every requirement, ensuring exceptional results that exceed expectations. Utilise our clinic to clean ear wax and rediscover the joy of pristine hearing.


Convenience, efficiency, and professionalism collide at the Horley Clinic Ear Wax Removal. With our private clinic to remove ear wax, you can bid adieu to discomfort and inconvenience. Enjoy the luxury of cleaner and healthier ears, with our ear wax removal clinic near me.


Don't settle for less when your ear health is at stake. Visit our professional ear cleaning near me clinic and embrace the confidence that comes with crystal-clear hearing. Trust the experts at the Horley Clinic Ear Wax Removal to provide unparalleled results that leave you beaming with satisfaction.

Our Partner Ear Wax Clinic in Epsom

In addition to our private ear clinic in Horley, we are proud to partner with a reputable earwax clinic in Epsom. This partnership allows us to extend our high-quality earwax removal services to clients seeking solutions in the Epsom area. We maintain the same commitment to quality treatments and patient satisfaction at both of our clinic locations.

Children Ear Wax Removal Microsuction

Introducing our revolutionary solution for children's ear wax removal - the Child Ear Wax Suction! Say goodbye to unpleasant and tedious procedures with this gentle and efficient device. Our paediatric ear wax removal tool has been designed with the utmost care to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for your little ones.


Finding a reliable paediatric ear wax removal service near you can be a challenge, but worry no more! Our Child Ear Wax Suction is the perfect solution for parents seeking convenient and effective care. No need to search for "paediatric ear wax removal near me" or "children's ear wax suction near me" anymore - we've got you covered!


With its precise suction power, our child ear wax removal tool gently eliminates excess ear wax without causing any discomfort or pain. It's an excellent alternative to traditional methods that usually involve messy ear drops or uncomfortable ear flushing techniques. Your child will be amazed at how simple and hassle-free this process can be!


Our team of experts understands the importance of paediatric ear wax suction and its impact on your child's overall well-being. That's why we developed the perfect combination of a gentle yet highly effective device, paired with the expertise of professional, to ensure optimal results.


Rest assured that our top-notch paediatric ear wax microsuction is designed specifically for children's delicate ears. Whether your little one is experiencing discomfort, decreased hearing, or other related issues, our child ear wax removal tool is here to provide the relief they deserve.


Don't delay your child's comfort any longer - choose our Child Ear Wax Suction today for a quick, safe, and efficient paediatric ear wax removal experience. Forget about searching for "child ear wax microsuction near me" or "paediatric ear wax removal near me" - get the ultimate solution at your 

Don't let earwax-related discomfort or hearing issues affect your daily life. Contact Ear Wax Solution today and see how we can help improve your well-being. 

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Prior to Ear Wax Removal

Preparing for your ear wax removal appointment

  • Olive Oil Drops: We recommend using olive oil drops for 3 days prior to the appointment to soften your impacted wax.

  • Earol Spray:  You can also use Earol spray which can help soften the wax in your ears which has small amount of olive oil. 

If you are a hearing aid user, it is recommended to perform the above steps at night when you have removed your aid.

Free Follow-up Appointments

While removing ear wax annually is advised for most people if you naturally produce too much wax in your ears you may require a quarterly checkup. At Ear Wax Solutions we offer follow-up services for people with stubborn ear wax to get the job done. You are required to book an appointment within two weeks of your first session to leverage our free follow-up services.

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