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Mobile Earwax Removal in Horley

Procedures like earwax removal are prone to cause anxiety in lots of people for all sorts of reasons. You might be imagining a painful and invasive treatment, or at least a long and tedious spell in a clinic waiting room. At Ear Wax Solutions, we saw a simple way to take the difficulty out of the process with mobile earwax removal services. Compiling everything you need to know about earwax removal in general and how the mobile option works, here we will look at why earwax removal is important for you.

Do I Need Earwax Removal?

As earwax specialists, we always emphasise to our patients that everyone’s ears differ. Some of us may never need professional earwax removal–but for those who do struggle it’s vital that the proper treatment is done. When your ears produce more wax, that wax will attract detritus–like skin cells and particles of dirt. As time goes on, the wax will accumulate and harden in the ear canal–and it won’t be able to move out naturally, as it usually would.

Why Seek Earwax Removal Treatment?

So, what is the problem when earwax accumulates in this way? Your ears are delicate things, and even slight imbalances can have profound, even lasting, effects. It can take years for earwax to build up slowly, so we may not be as immediately aware of the effects. We will cover the symptoms in more detail shortly, but the important point is that untreated earwax build-up can have lasting effects on your hearing. With mobile earwax removal, we make it even simpler.

Identifying Symptoms of Earwax Buildup

When symptoms can build up in this way, creeping up on you unawares, knowing how to identify them is vital. The most common symptoms associated with earwax build-up include:

  • Fullness in the ears: If your ears are blocked with wax, you will feel a physical fullness in them. It may be particularly bad in bed at night if you are a side sleeper.

  • Poor hearing: Naturally, when your ear canals are blocked, your hearing will suffer. There can be many causes of poor hearing–but earwax buildup is always one to consider.

  • Earache: Hardened earwax can cause physical pain in your ears, too. If you find yourself suffering from earache regularly, earwax is again worth considering as a cause.

  • Dizziness: Given your ears’ connections to your overall balance, in extreme cases blocked ears may cause regular sensations of dizziness.

  • Ringing noises in the ear: One of the most potentially troublesome symptoms of earwax buildup is a ringing noise in the ears–also known as tinnitus.

How Earwax Removal Can Help

For most of these symptoms, professional earwax removal will show immediate results. The blocked feeling will vanish and your hearing should be restored right away. Any lingering earache will quickly ease off, and your balance return. The really crucial reason to seek earwax removal sooner rather than later is that, if left untreated for too long, the resulting tinnitus may become permanent. Tinnitus is a very serious condition which affects people for different reasons, but it is psychologically taxing whatever form it takes.

Our Mobile Earwax Removal Services

Even the most imperative conditions, though, may not change how much spare time we have in a week. Traditional appointment models can be inconvenient; arranging a time that suits you, travelling and waiting to be seen. You might expect lots of heavy, cumbersome equipment–but we can offer mobile earwax removal at the comfort of your home via several methods. Our priority methods are:

  • Microsuction: Our most commonly used method, and typically the most effective, is known as microsuction. This form of earwax removal uses a suction device to remove wax from the ears with precision, eliminating the need for irrigation.

  • Manual extraction: In some cases, a method known as manual extraction may be the better option. Manual extraction can also be used alongside microsuction to ensure the best results.

Bringing It To You

Using these simple, highly portable methods, our expert earwax specialists can provide the same level of treatment as you would enjoy at any clinic. The benefits of mobile treatment go beyond convenience and comfort.

Earwax Removal for Children

Travelling with children, let alone taking them for treatments they may find potentially stressful, can be really difficult. With our mobile services, we can bring earwax removal in Horley to your home–making the process easier for your children. Microsuction earwax removal is simple, painless, and quick, and our technicians will always put your children at complete ease.

Disability Earwax Removal

If you or a family member has difficulty with mobility or leaving the home, or any form of disability, then mobile earwax removal services can be invaluable. Over the years, Earwax Solutions has worked with patients with a wide variety of conditions to provide the comfort and relief that earwax removal can.

Get in Touch to Find Out More

We understand that considering earwax removal may involve a lot of questions, especially if it is your first treatment. To find out more about how our mobile earwax removal services can help you regain comfort, relieve pain, and even protect yourself from conditions that can last a lifetime, get in touch today–we are more than happy to answer your questions.

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